These two paintings were a result of an afternoon spent playing with watercolours. I posted the images on facebook and they were sold within 6 hours. Sometimes the paint just works, and I am incredibly proud of the way they turned out. As a result, I have issued a limited […]

Wild dog art

My nephew got married on the 19th of December, mainly because it was the best time for family from all over the world to converge on the Cambridge area. He and his then fiancee, decided they were going to do as much of the wedding preparations, decorations and organisation themselves […]

Designs for a Christmas wedding

There are many many moments in a creative person’s life, where you produce a piece of artwork with a deadline looming and you then just want to tear your hair out. I did this recently with the book cover illustration¬† the second of Fiona Ingram’s series. in the first book […]

How I wanted to put Excalibur through my book cover ...

I got a request from my friend Leslie of spectacular quilt fame: “Josh’s dear friend Emily is marrying Jeff on Jan 25th. I’m wondering if you could paint a watercolor for them with the intersecting hearts, their names and even the date if it fits the design. ¬†Emily is an […]

Bridging the gap

A lot of my work is figurative, especially the illustration, but it has been a long time since I have been challenged to create portraits. I count the onsite sketches I have done over the years as useful exercises in hand/eye coordination. Just before Christmas I was contacted by my […]

Portraits – my pre-Christmas challenge

It’s over! This is the final post – I’m about as done as the Christmas turkey and probably gobbling just as much. This illustration by Benji Davies just about sums it up! Thank you to everyone who has read my completely odd list, bearing with me when I threw products, […]

Advent Challenge 24 – go eat your turkey!

When we were moving from America, back to South Africa, a child asked us this question: “When do you celebrate Christmas in South Africa?” As it was asked by a child, I didn’t unleash the sarcastic side of me (always very close to the surface), but explained about the difference […]

Advent Challenge 23 – sunshine and sandals

  Welcome to the wild paint world of Louise Collis. Louise lives and works in Wales where she paints plein air landscapes in oils. I love how the paint is evident, and yet miraculously becomes sea or cliff or beach. Giveaway alert! Louise’s annual Christmas/new year competition is happening today! […]

Advent Challenge 22 – Louise Collis

The Victorian Garden is a creative idea worth sharing. Lindsay Salthouse started the company, using recipes for skin care products found in a collection of diaries written by her great-grandmother. She started out small, and has since gone from strength to strength. The Victorian products were soon joined by the […]

Advent Challenge 21 – in good taste

James Mayhew posted a link on facebook to a page on the website Illustration Cupboard, where some of Jan Peinkowski’s illustrations are for sale. It was like stepping into a time machine and being whisked back to my childhood. My reading life took off the day I picked up my […]

Advent Challenge 20 – Joan Aiken and friends