The eyes have it 2


pencil and watercolour rendition of eyes

sibling eyes

I have long been fascinated by the strange colours that have emerged in my children’s eyes. They have a blue-eyed father and a weirdly changing grey/green/blue-eyed mother (so I’ve been told, I have no idea as I cannot see them). The weird seems to have won, but in a different way in each child. They range from greeny/blue to grey/blue to yellowy/green all with the yellow starburst around the pupils and dark blue rims around the edges.

They demanded a watercolour challenge. Pencil drawing with only the irises in colour.

Isn’t Biology interesting?

2 thoughts on “The eyes have it

  • Jeremy Borg

    very cool. What a wonderful observation- and how deeply excuisite is the painting of the childrens eyes!!!!! Super to have seen all of them yesterday, and the eyes which captured them.

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