wild dog watercolour

In my last post, I got on my high horse about plagiarism. Here is a little mea culpa.

I was recently looking for photos of wild dogs for reference and came across a wonderful portrait of a wild dog which was irresistible, so I used it for this portrait.  So it was not being used as reference for anatomy, I just got caught up in the moment. I then realized that if I sold this image, I would be doing in a small way, exactly what I was abhorring in the big boys. The photographer’s name was on the bottom corner of the photo (very small) so I googled it and the search came up with the website of Ingo Arndt, a German wildlife photographer whose images will take your breath away.

Talking of breathe, I held mine as my apologetic email went off to him. As I had used his image without his permission I made him the arbiter of its fate:  1) destroy it or 2) sell it to benefit a charity.

He was very generous, told me off quite mildly and chose option 2.

This painting will be either sent to running with brushes or it will be sold locally with payment going directly to the Endangered Wildlife Trust.

The Christmas connection? Ingo has the most beautiful wildlife calendars for sale through Amazon. Go, buy, enjoy a stunning photograph every month of 2014.

He has also published a children’s book about animal feet – available here.

Advent Challenge 2 – Ingo Arndt
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