I had someone else planned for today , but I have been following Louise Tate on facebook for some time and noticed today that she has her own advent challenge going on. She is doing an Animal Christmas Alphabet. As she has only gotten to day three and I have enjoyed each offering, I figured I should urge more people to share in her quirkiness. Here are the first three and also the Christmas cards she sells. As far as I know the cards on not in her etsy shop if you want some you have to contact her directly.

louise Tate composite

Like her facebook page to see what she comes up with for the remaining days in the run up to Christmas.

I also love the fact that she revels in the oddities of the English language and illustrates them.L tate starbucks

Christmas idea: Louise has an etsy shop where her prints are for sale.

Advent Challenge 4 – Louise Tate Illustrations
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