The creative person featured today is: YOU!

Teachers, hostesses, friends, family. There are always people you can give food to at Christmas and “food” usually means cookies. If you are unsure what cookies to make, get a basic cookie recipe and create variations. This is what I have done here. I basic dough recipe divided into four.

  1. chocolate chips
  2. grated orange zest and cinnamon, with the individual cookies rolled in oats before baking
  3. cocoa and cranberries
  4. cocoa added and then rolled in desiccated coconut before baking.

The jars? Part of Consol’s new range. They come in various sizes and have a “blackboard” on the front of them. Before you fill them, take out the chalk that Consol thoughtfully provides and give them a rinse so the cookies don’t taste like chalk dust. And don’t forget to write something on the “label”.

consol bottles

Consol is also behind this new range of water bottles. They are inexpensive and pretty. Yes they are breakable, but ours have survived very nicely so far. You are guaranteed not to be drinking BPA’s out of these beauties and in addition, there are no plastic bottles to go into the great plastic trash pile floating in the ocean.

Christmas ideas for jars:

Christmas ideas for bottles:

New Year Resolution: Less disposable plastic

Not in South Africa? Tell me about similar products in your neck of the woods, or share your idea for creative content.



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