Nick Mackman's wild dog pups
Nick Mackman’s wild dog pups


“It’s as if the artist grasped the mud beneath her feet and conjured up the magic of Africa – here is humour, pathos and personality.”  HAZEL SOAN Wildlife Artist of the Year Judge

Nick Mackman creates the most beautiful ceramic sculptures of animals. Clay is notoriously hard to work with when you have complicated shapes to create and weight to be born. Complicates shapes also has the potential to create air pockets in the clay, which will expand under the high heat of firing and shatter the piece. Other considerations include slow, slow drying, so that the clay doesn’t dry out fast on the outside and still be wet on the inside – therein lies a road to cracks. So technically Nick is brilliant. Artistically she is extraordinary.

See her full portfolio here. Her facebook page is here.

nick and nick

As this is posted she is at Mfuwe Lodge in South Luangwa, Zambia doing an “art safari” along with Photographer Nick Garbutt, who took these photos of elephants attending the beginning of the workshop. Nick Garbutt travels the world taking photographs and they are simply stunning. His facebook page is found here and his website is here.  If you have seen the viral photos of the elephants walking through the lodge reception, this is the place. It is run by the Bushcamp Company. Follow them on facebook.

Christmas deferred:

  • Commission Nick Mackman to create a sculpture for you in the new year.
  • Sign up for one of Nick Garbutt’s wildlife photography tours or workshops in 2014.
  • Book a break at Mfuwe Lodge. If it’s at this time of year, you are guaranteed to see the elephants because the mango tree at the lodge is full of delicious fruit the elephants can’t resist.

Christmas now:

Me? I’m buying a piggy bank to save up for ALL of these!


Advent Challenge 6 – Nick Mackman And Nick Garbutt
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