Advent Challenge 24 – go eat your turkey! 4


It’s over! This is the final post – I’m about as done as the Christmas turkey and probably gobbling just as much. This illustration by Benji Davies just about sums it up! Thank you to everyone who has read my completely odd list, bearing with me when I threw products, conservation and art into the pile and tried to tie it all together.

This post deserves to be a recap of the past 23 days but instead of listing them chronologically, here is a list by random category:

Children’s book illustrators/authors:





Sensory delights:

Funky options:

Eco Friendly:

Good Causes:


 The Picture: Benji Davies – Children’s book illustrator – find him on facebook for more of this kind of amusement.

May you have Christmases without mayhem and a new year blessed with many creative ideas.



4 thoughts on “Advent Challenge 24 – go eat your turkey!

  • Andrew Dicks

    Thank you – nowhere else would I receive an education like this 🙂

    Eat and drink far too much and join me on the couch on the 26th

  • Vandy

    Fantastic list. Wish I was back in SA for some of the foodie treats. They all look amazing. I’m going to have to find that ice cream place next time I’m in Cape Town. And I am now following a bunch of new artists on Facebook.

    Thanks for playing. 😀

    • admin

      Thanks for challenging me. In the beginning I seriously questioned my own sanity, but as it went along, I became fun to share the stuff I find interesting. And amazing how various people have responded to being blogged about. You make connections beyond your own little world and start conversations that few people actually see. I am however thankful that I discovered the “schedule” option, so I could pre-write and schedule… That saved my bacon. I think you and I have a date in Newlands at the creamery cafe.

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