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For seven years, I played with clay at the New Jersey Centre for Visual Arts under the gentle guidance of Marguerite Brennan. Marguerite is a an incredibly creative ceramic artist. She specializes in hand building techniques so there is always a slight quirkiness about her pieces. One of the techniques […]

Advent challenge 11 – Marguerite Brennan

places with names that are associated with love It’s not hard to love a country, especially one as beautiful and diverse as South Africa. However, at present, I don’t love a lot of the people in it. Municipal elections are coming up in a few weeks and a lot of […]

Love South Africa

It is well-known that if a man is assertive, he is seen as powerful, but if a woman is assertive she is characterised as a bwitch.  It seems that despite centuries of progress, deep down there is this little seed of fear planted in all men that wishes for a […]

Being a dragon

New mug design featuring towns in South Africa with names that imply wandering around, getting lost, or just meandering without a destination in mind. Fort Mistake, KZN – to find out how it got it’s name, click here; Riviersonderend, WC – “River without end” In the Overberg region with a […]

Are you lost or have you just arrived at Fort ...

And then you named your farm after the event…. Who does that? There are so many strange names for places all over the world, I decided that South Africa must have it’s fair share and had fun trawling through a road atlas finding some of them. The result is two […]

So you shot two buffaloes…