It was one of those viral things, someone likes a page on facebook, and being nosy you go over to have a look and discover someone who tickles your funny bone. That’s how I found Angela Smythe who is based in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Whether she is illustrating […]

Advent Challenge 18 – Angela Smythe

  I was approached in the car park of HeronBridge College with a request: “We want you to redesign our prospectus, Nando’s Style”. My first reaction to this was: “huh?” Nando’s is well-known for its off-the-wall advertising, but how do you relate a chicken outlet to a school (even if chickens do roam […]

Designing with heart

There is something weird about Africa. Fathered by pompous colonial fatheads and mothered by tribal mystery and superstition,  it is slightly cuckoo, this troubled child of malfunctioning parents. Poverty, corruption and crime stand side-by-side with the more redeeming qualities of open-hearted generosity, breathtaking natural abundance and a pioneering spirit. When you live in […]

Exploring South Africa – an eccentric map