greeting cards

Not so long ago, I was at a print shop, when I overheard a conversation between the printer and a client. The client wanted wedding invitations printed. He had the paper and the artwork, but the printer was unable to help him. Why would a printer turn down a job? […]

Wedding woes

This was another, paint without drawing challenge. It was easy because all I wanted to do was draw these sweet treats for a gift tag. What I didn’t realise when I painted this was that cupcakes are super trendy at present! They even have their own reality TV show – […]

Hey cupcake!

A few years back, my eldest child was involved in a Halloween fundraiser for the Junior Thespians Club at school. So I came up with a few “Gruesome Gram” designs. Drawn with felt tip pens, scanned in and printed onto card. Slots for the lollipops were hand cut but were […]