There is something weird about Africa. Fathered by pompous colonial fatheads and mothered by tribal mystery and superstition,  it is slightly cuckoo, this troubled child of malfunctioning parents. Poverty, corruption and crime stand side-by-side with the more redeeming qualities of open-hearted generosity, breathtaking natural abundance and a pioneering spirit. When you live in […]

Exploring South Africa – an eccentric map

I recently wrote about my sister. The one who has a gazillion ideas a second…. She once told me that one of her employees confessed to flinching every time she said “I’ve had an idea…” because they figured it would mean more work for them. This was true in some […]

Running with Brushes – making the world more beautiful

our box for 2012
Taking part in the Santa’s shoebox charity drive is one of the most rewarding annual activities we do as a family. The santa’s shoebox charity collects donated boxes of essentials and treats for over 100 000 underprivileged babies, children and teens across South Africa. They are super organised and very […]

Where does santa buy this shoes?

In an earlier post I described the team of tiny netball players who named themselves “the Wicked Witches”. One of the team members just happens to be the daughter of a preparatory school librarian. Her mother is one of those people whose looks belie their character. She LOOKS like a librarian. […]

The Library Witch

Malaprop(ism) ns. ludicrous misuse of word, esp. in mistake of one resembling it. (According to the Oxford English Dictionary). A recent correspondence with a columnist for the Saturday Star newspaper revealed some of the more amusing examples that turn up on his desk. “He was one of the guests that […]

Squibs, squid and many-tentacled technicalities

Once again, I found it hard to resist the challenge set by The Book Sniffer. This doodle was created in response to a poem written by GilesPaley-Phillips.  Read the full poem by clicking on the Book Sniffer link above. What I love about it  is the scale  – tiny mouse: […]

Very hungry mouse