lazer engraving

Today we travel Perth, Australia. There are quite a few fabulous designers and artists based in Perth. I found out about them by following Perth Upmarket on Facebook.¬† How did I find Perth Upmarket? Haven’t a clue! Mokoh Design is one of my favorites. They have a distinctive graphic style […]

Advent Challenge 14 – Down under

In an earlier post I described the team of tiny netball players who named themselves “the Wicked Witches”. One of the team members just happens to be the daughter of a preparatory school librarian. Her mother is one of those people whose looks¬†belie their character. She LOOKS like a librarian. […]

The Library Witch

Not so long ago, I was at a print shop, when I overheard a conversation between the printer and a client. The client wanted wedding invitations printed. He had the paper and the artwork, but the printer was unable to help him. Why would a printer turn down a job? […]

Wedding woes