Having written about the importance of so called “pests” in a previous advent post, I thought these guys needed a boost. Ecosolutions is a company that installs owl boxes and bat boxes in suburban gardens. It is run by a raptor expert who is often called on by FreeMe […]

Advent challenge 19 – If you give a hoot, some ...

It was one of those viral things, someone likes a page on facebook, and being nosy you go over to have a look and discover someone who tickles your funny bone. That’s how I found Angela Smythe who is based in Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. Whether she is illustrating […]

Advent Challenge 18 – Angela Smythe

Send the dogbox instead! My favourite wine people are offering this creative alternative to getting a puppy for Christmas… dog boxes. They consist of 10 selected bottles of wine and a large Endangered Wildlife Trust Wild Dog fluffy toy. The dog box has been around for a while and is […]

Advent Challenge 17 – Don’t get sent to the dog ...

If you like loose and beautiful watercolours then Gerard Hendriks is your man. His style is wonderful –  it is almost as if the paint has been flung at the canvas in sheer joy and formed itself! What I particularly love about these works is the fact the Gerard is […]

Advent Challenge 16 – Gerard Hendriks

In our small corner of Johannesburg is a shop that I absolutely love. Art Africa stocks the amazing creative work done by small communities in rural areas. A lot of these community projects had little exposure in the larger world,and this shop gives them an outlet and a chance for […]

Advent Challenge 15 – Angels for Africa

Today we travel Perth, Australia. There are quite a few fabulous designers and artists based in Perth. I found out about them by following Perth Upmarket on Facebook.  How did I find Perth Upmarket? Haven’t a clue! Mokoh Design is one of my favorites. They have a distinctive graphic style […]

Advent Challenge 14 – Down under

No artist featured today, but instead a creative idea with creative results. Getting socks for Christmas always seems like a bit of a cliche. Especially when the socks are for that man who is impossible to buy for. My father is one such man, except for the fact that he […]

Advent challenge 13 – Christmas stockings

Today’s artist is Catherine Rayner. I admire her wonderful painterly style and how her animal characters are such individuals. Her bio from her website: Award winning author and illustrator Catherine Rayner studied Illustration at Edinburgh College of art. She fell in love with the city and still lives there with […]

Advent Challenge 12 – Catherine Rayner

For seven years, I played with clay at the New Jersey Centre for Visual Arts under the gentle guidance of Marguerite Brennan. Marguerite is a an incredibly creative ceramic artist. She specializes in hand building techniques so there is always a slight quirkiness about her pieces. One of the techniques […]

Advent challenge 11 – Marguerite Brennan

James Mayhew is author and illustrator. He is famous for the Katie books and the Ella Bella books, both series introducing young readers to fine art, ballet, and museums. His list on amazon runs to three pages of interesting reads for the young. How he describes himself: He is well-known […]

Advent Challenge 10 – James Mayhew