In our family, guinea pigs are known as Pinny gigs, because we all love spoonerisms and we think it suits them. Even if you are not a rodent fan, you will LOVE the pinny-gigs drawn by Holly Surplice. They dance, play musical instruments, have parties and get carried away by […]

Advent Challenge 9 – Holly Surplice

When I was at art college, I was friends with a fellow inmate (yes it was a mad house) whose father owned The Little Red Schoolhouse ice cream factory. This may have been insignificant, except that the factory was a few blocks away from our campus. A few times a […]

Advent Challenge 8 – Icecream Sunday

Our family history with Chris Riddell is a long one. It all started with The Bear Dance, a book we read over and over and over again, while I drooled at the illustrations. Muddle Earth, a collaboration with author Paul Stewart, followed: an absurd romp through an alternate universe, with […]

Advent Challenge 7 – Chris Riddell

  “It’s as if the artist grasped the mud beneath her feet and conjured up the magic of Africa – here is humour, pathos and personality.”  HAZEL SOAN Wildlife Artist of the Year Judge Nick Mackman creates the most beautiful ceramic sculptures of animals. Clay is notoriously hard to work […]

Advent Challenge 6 – Nick Mackman And Nick Garbutt

The creative person featured today is: YOU! Teachers, hostesses, friends, family. There are always people you can give food to at Christmas and “food” usually means cookies. If you are unsure what cookies to make, get a basic cookie recipe and create variations. This is what I have done here. […]

Advent Challenge 5 – clear options

I had someone else planned for today , but I have been following Louise Tate on facebook for some time and noticed today that she has her own advent challenge going on. She is doing an Animal Christmas Alphabet. As she has only gotten to day three and I have […]

Advent Challenge 4 – Louise Tate Illustrations

Don’t sweat the small stuff? That might apply to the little worries in life, but when it applies to the natural world, sweating the small stuff is something we all have to do. We take for granted the bugs and bees that populate our world. Some we fear, some we […]

Advent Challenge 3 – Bugs, butterflies and all things beautiful

In my last post, I got on my high horse about plagiarism. Here is a little mea culpa. I was recently looking for photos of wild dogs for reference and came across a wonderful portrait of a wild dog which was irresistible, so I used it for this portrait.  So […]

Advent Challenge 2 – Ingo Arndt

It’s the silly season and I have signed up to do something that, on reflection could be classed as a bit insane. I have taken up the challenge to write a blog post each day about someone creative I admire. This is the genius idea of my dearest darlingest sister […]

Advent challenge 1 – who are you supporting?

I’m a dog person. Our family always had dogs, all kinds of dogs. The boring ones that were the canine version of Kim Kardashian (popped out babies – needed loads of attention) and the completely barking mad ones. The husky that you could have howly conversations with and who scared […]