When we were moving from America, back to South Africa, a child asked us this question: “When do you celebrate Christmas in South Africa?” As it was asked by a child, I didn’t unleash the sarcastic side of me (always very close to the surface), but explained about the difference […]

Advent Challenge 23 – sunshine and sandals

I recently wrote about my sister. The one who has a gazillion ideas a second…. She once told me that one of her employees confessed to flinching every time she said “I’ve had an idea…” because they figured it would mean more work for them. This was true in some […]

Running with Brushes – making the world more beautiful

This was another, paint without drawing challenge. It was easy because all I wanted to do was draw these sweet treats for a gift tag. What I didn’t realise when I painted this was that cupcakes are super trendy at present! They even have their own reality TV show – […]

Hey cupcake!