Today we travel Perth, Australia. There are quite a few fabulous designers and artists based in Perth. I found out about them by following Perth Upmarket on Facebook.  How did I find Perth Upmarket? Haven’t a clue! Mokoh Design is one of my favorites. They have a distinctive graphic style […]

Advent Challenge 14 – Down under

  I was approached in the car park of HeronBridge College with a request: “We want you to redesign our prospectus, Nando’s Style”. My first reaction to this was: “huh?” Nando’s is well-known for its off-the-wall advertising, but how do you relate a chicken outlet to a school (even if chickens do roam […]

Designing with heart

I was once again asked to design the imagery and accompanying marketing materials for HeronBridge College’s major production. This year they are producing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Ten minutes before the initial meeting, I sat in the car park with my pencil and sketchbook and produced this idea, and  it […]

Bring on the glass slippers – Part one