Roman Britain

There are many many moments in a creative person’s life, where you produce a piece of artwork with a deadline looming and you then just want to tear your hair out. I did this recently with the book cover illustration¬† the second of Fiona Ingram’s series. in the first book […]

How I wanted to put Excalibur through my book cover ...

dux scholar t-shirt design 4
In Roman times, a Dux was a leader of troops. In Post Roman Britain, King Arthur was refered to as the dux bellorum (leader of battles). In South Africa, it refers to the academic leader of the school. In other words, the student that attains the highest academic marks in […]

Waddle I do once I’ve quacked it?

“And the similitude of two serpents was upon the sword in gold. And when the sword was drawn from its scabbard, it seemed as if two flames of fire burst forth from the jaws of the serpents, and then, so wonderful was the sword, that it was hard for any […]

Inventing Excalibur