Watercolor painting

Going on holiday with a sister who has just started a charity painting initiative, could be viewed as a busman’s holiday. As it turns out, it was more of a brushwoman’s holiday… The beauty of Vandy’s approach to these little paintings, is that experimentation is required and there is no […]

Holidaying with brushes

There is something weird about Africa. Fathered by pompous colonial fatheads and mothered by tribal mystery and superstition,  it is slightly cuckoo, this troubled child of malfunctioning parents. Poverty, corruption and crime stand side-by-side with the more redeeming qualities of open-hearted generosity, breathtaking natural abundance and a pioneering spirit. When you live in […]

Exploring South Africa – an eccentric map

I recently wrote about my sister. The one who has a gazillion ideas a second…. She once told me that one of her employees confessed to flinching every time she said “I’ve had an idea…” because they figured it would mean more work for them. This was true in some […]

Running with Brushes – making the world more beautiful

landscapes in watercolour
I previously posted about my struggle to loosen up and throw paint around. It seems like I used to be able to go wild. Going through a stack of old work, I found these loose watercolour studies from an Art College assignment. At the time the college was spread out all over […]

Wild landscapes

This was another, paint without drawing challenge. It was easy because all I wanted to do was draw these sweet treats for a gift tag. What I didn’t realise when I painted this was that cupcakes are super trendy at present! They even have their own reality TV show – […]

Hey cupcake!