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You know what it’s like with kids. You give one a scoop of ice cream, you have to give them all a scoop of ice cream. And that scoop of ice cream better be measured down to the last melting droplet, or someone’s going to complain that someone else has more!

So I don’t get the ice cream moans anymore, because I’m very, very good at “death stares if you whine”. But I recently got hit with a new one…

We were once again waiting. But instead of the car, we had retired to a local steakhouse to feed the bottomless pits I call daughters and wait for my son to finish performing in his school’s major theatre production. I get hit with this one: “You drew my brother while you were waiting last time, and my sister while you were on the train, but you haven’t drawn me!”

No death stares necessary – how often do I get a willing victim for the sketch book? Once again, the lighting was terrible for drawing – nowadays, eating establishments don’t really want you to notice how much the burger has shrunk while the price has expanded. However, the moody, multi directional lighting gave my victim huge pupils and multiple light spots in her eyes – it made the eyes quite attractive focal points for the sketch.

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Waiting – the restaurant issue
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