This was another, paint without drawing challenge. It was easy because all I wanted to do was draw these sweet treats for a gift tag. What I didn’t realise when I painted this was that cupcakes are super trendy at present! They even have their own reality TV show – Cupcake Wars!

I have developed a series of gift tags which combine watercoloured pattern with ink sketches. This is the stand-out, no ink sketchy bits in sight. I will be selling packs of these tags soon, starting with a fundraiser for the Niall Mellon Township Trust. The Mellon Housing Initiative is similar to Habitat for Humanity in that participants donate their time and labour to build a house for a disadvantaged person. In addition, each volunteer pays an “entrance fee” to join the labour force. In this way, the charity keeps donations and labour flowing. My kids are joining this initiative as part of the school’s outreach project for the year and they have to raise their joining fee… So Mom and her gift tags are going to help raise the money – I will cover my costs – the rest will go to the initiative.

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