It has bothered me for a long time, that the fairy tales we grew up knowing are actually a strange form of propaganda. Disney movies have only made the whole thing worse! They indoctrinate our (mainly) daughters into believing several things:

• A man will rescue you from your horrible life and you will live happily ever after.

• Mothers are absent, step-mothers are wicked and the only good female role models are fairy godmothers and even then, they are pushing you towards the guy who is supposed to solve all your problems. Let’s face it, a mother would be saying things like: “Don’t kiss that frog, you don’t know how many flies his tongue has touched!” or “Forget being rescued, go to college, get a degree and become a worthwhile member of society”.

• Daughters only have relationships with their fathers and even then the father is strangely weak and manipulated by the wicked step-mother

• Other men who feature are either axe-wielding wolf murderers, or seven vertically challenged miners with no domestic skills and stupid names.

Last night, Cinderella emerged from my pencil – don’t ask – I have no idea where this came from… I figured that Cinderella, being a rather hard working kind of gal (cutesy woodland creatures excluded). And she would have been very uncomfortable in glass slippers. Can you imagine dancing the night away in inflexible, fragile shoes with heels? I prefer the idea of Cinderella in Doc Martins! This Cinderella would start a cleaning company, employ all the cutsey woodland creatures, and charge the wicked step-mom a fortune for her services. (For those that are bothered by the SIZE of the boot on the stairs – bear with me – this was doodled while listening to a whole bunch of grade 8 speeches. The ears were busy at the same time, so not all cognitive function was focussed on the sketch.)

How else could fairy tales be modernised? Would Hansel and Gretel find a house in the woods made of cardboardy hamburgers with a scary clown inside it? No problem fattening up the intended victim in that case!

Lets hope the new crop of fairy tale based movies are less patronising to the intelligence and independence of girls, otherwise they can kiss my movie ticket goodbye.

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Living happily every after?
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