New mug design featuring towns in South Africa with names that imply wandering around, getting lost, or just meandering without a destination in mind.

Fort Mistake, KZN – to find out how it got it’s name, click here; Riviersonderend, WC – “River without end” In the Overberg region with a few different stories on how it got its name – find out hereHoopvol, WC – “Hopeful”; False Bay, WC – The name “False Bay” was applied early on (at least three hundred years ago) by sailors who confused the bay with Table Bay to the north; Wilderness, EC – a beautiful seaside town; Redoubt, KZN – I know a redoubt is a part of a castle’s battlements, but if you are lost, then found, and lost again, no doubt, you will redoubt yourself too; Toeslaan, NC – “slam closed” another one-station town in the middle of nowhere;  Avontuur, WC or NC – “Adventure” Thousands of kms apart you would either be north of Knysna or north of Hotazel, but which one? It’s your adventure, you choose;  Valsrivier, FS – “False River” farming country – maybe the river dwindled to nothing in the dry season; Dwaal, NC – Afrikaans word for “A state of befuddlement”, which was probably felt by the people who settled here. The next nearest town is 18kms away; Loskop, MP – If you are a loskop, in Afrikaans you are an “airhead” or literally “loose head” – you would definitely be lost too; Hazyview, MP – on the border of Kruger National Park,the town’s name is derived from the shimmering haze that occurs during the heat of summer; Signal Hill, WC – On the flank of Table Mountain. The signal gun was (is?) shot from this hill. It is also very important for its critically endangered vegetation. Misty Mount, EC – I guess you get lost in the mist here; Halfweg, NC – “Half road” or “Half gone” In the middle of nowhere (80km to anything of significance) ; Grootmis, NC – “Big wrong” or maybe “Big Mist” either way you would be befuddled. Also in the middle of nowhere; Verkeerde Vlei, FS – “Wrong Marsh” named after a stream which runs in the opposite direction to other streams in the area; Phantom Pass, EC – A stunning mountain pass west of Knysna; Committees, EC – Just west of Grahamstown, on the way to Breakfast Vlei (featured in the Wake Up Mug), In my opinion, the easier way to get lost and bogged down – join a committee!

I have designed a little pamphlet to go with each of these mugs to translate the meanings and give a little bit of background info, so that if given to people overseas, they are not sitting there with this incomprehensible artifact going “What the hey?”

Are you lost or have you just arrived at Fort Mistake?
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