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It’s not hard to love a country, especially one as beautiful and diverse as South Africa. However, at present, I don’t love a lot of the people in it. Municipal elections are coming up in a few weeks and a lot of South Africans are behaving very, very badly. The ruling party is allowing its followers to act like rabid cretins and we are all in a quandary about how to view the police. One minute they are upholding democracy and preventing ANC supporters from disrupting a DA rally, the next minute they are killing innocent people.

So here it is people: Vote for the people you want to see in office, not the people who you have been told to vote for, and allow your fellow citizens to freely choose who they want to vote for. In other words, love and respect your country and allow others to do so too!

With this in mind, here is the new coffee mug design featuring places that have names associated with love and relationships.

Swaershoek, EC – “Brother-in-law’s Corner” is a mountain pass in the Eastern Cape between Cradock and Pearson; Darling, WC – named after Charles Henry Darling who came to the Cape as Lieutenant Governor, was founded on the farm Langfontein in 1853. Darling is now more famous for being the location of Evita se Perron, the restaurant and shop owned by Evita Bezuidenhout, alter-ego of satirist Pieter Dirk-Uys; Soekmekaar, LP – “Search for each other”; Halcyon Drift, EC – located near Maclear; Behulpsaam, EC – “Helpful”; Ontmoeting, NC – “Meeting” or “encounter” and Staansaam, NC – “stand together” – Ontomoeting and Staansaam are located on the same remote road which runs along the southern border of Botswana. Travellers would go through both these places if they were travelling from Hotazel to the Kaglagadi Transfrontier Park; Selection Beach, KZN – a fishing beach north of the more popular resort of Umhlanga Rocks; Content, NC is a railway stop just south of Warrenton and north of Kimberley; Vrolik, NC – “cheerful” is a railway siding near Olifantshoek inthe Northern Cape; Bon Accord, GP – a rural suburb situated just to the North of the centre of Pretoria; Voorspoed, NW – “prosperity” or “success” is located on the long and lonely road north west of Vryburg on the way to some more remote and lonelier roads; Helpmekaar, KZN – “help each other” It seems that the boer really needed to help each other here as it is the site of the battle, on 13 may 1900, in which the British forces broke through the Boer line of defence in the Biggarsberg and which led to the British recapturing Dundee; Vermaaklikheid, WC – which means “amusement” or “entertainment” is a sleepy little hamlet on the banks of the Duiwenhoks River on the Southern Coast of South Africa.

I finished this design and then realised that I had left out the biggest place with the best name: Vereeniging which means “union” in Afrikaans. It may not be the prettiest place on the planet as it is associated with the iron and steel industry, but its name is all I really care about for these purposes.  So I will find a place to shoehorn it onto  all future Love SA mugs.

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