All the places that are body parts or body functions

No, I have not become an axe murderer or joined CSI. I’ve had my nose in the map book again and ever since I came across “Rugseer” (Sore Back), I’ve kept an eye out for places named after body parts or body functions.

where they all are

Die Kop; KZN – “The Head” a peak in KwaZzulu-Natal, which was not very originally named; Stompneus Bay, WC – A stompneus is a Stumpnose, a type of fish common to these waters; Beauty, LP – a tiny place right on the border of Botswana, just off the N11; Mooifontein, NC – “pretty fountain”; Kei Mouth, EC – okay this is a bit of a stretch as any river mouth could be put in, but the Kei River mouth actually has a holiday village and is known as Kei Mouth, so I am going to leave it in; Spoegrivier, NC – “spit river” is featured on another mug and is clearly in a very dry part of the country. I have since found someone who give tours of the area – click here.; Stutterheim, EC –is named for Baron Richard Carl Gustav Ludwig Wilhelm Julius von Stutterheim, who became a Major-General in the British Army as the head of the British German Legion and spent eight months in South Africa before returning to Germany; Sittingbourne, EC – near Mt Coke State Forest outside East London; Strydpoort,NW – So this is a fudge – stryd sounds like stride, but it actually means struggle, a rural town in North West Province. For a fascinating insight into life in this town, read this blog ; WalkerPoint, WC – A beach west of Knysna on the breathtakingly beautiful Garden Route; Uitkyk, NC – “look out” a small place on the long and lonely road between Pofadder and Gamoep. Also the name of a wine estate near Stellenbosch; Blood River, KZNthe location of a battle between the Voortrekkers and the Zulu, on the banks of the Ncome River on 16 December 1838 ; Rugseer, NC – “Sore back” was a farm and is now a stop on the railway line just north of Kenhardt; Ogies, MP –  “Little Eyes” gets its name from the farm Ogiesfontein on which it is built; Hartswater, NC – means “Hearts water”; Volop, NC – “full up” – which could refer to the stomach; Blue Gums – I know, I know, they are eucalyptus trees, but I couldn’t resist putting it in; Lekkersing, NC“joyful singing” a community in the Richtersveld region – featured in the Places mug; Sneezewood, EC – named after the hardy tree species indigenous to the area.



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