monkey cartoon drawing for a team mascot
Timmy the monkey sketch
vector artwork of timmy the monkey
timmy in colour

I follow a page on facebook that belongs to the Book Sniffer, a canine reviewer of the picture book world. A great way to keep tabs on the really rocking member of the children’s book illustration world. I’m not going to list them all here, check them out on the dog blog by clicking here.

A weekly Book Sniffer facebook event is Doggy Doodle Friday, in which she features the canine doodles of all her FB friends. I have not yet gotten around to doggy doodles, probably because none of my assignments have featured any. It’s one of those situations where you want to, but never get around to it. Soon, soon!

This morning, the Book Sniffer made a new suggestion – Money Mondays! And for once I have a monkey to submit!

The HeronBridge College volleyball team has adopted an unofficial mascot: a toy monkey that one of the team members thought was appropriate to bring to a tournament earlier this year. His velcroed hands clip around the net posts so he is always there as a diminutive cheerleader of their games. I decided to create a Timmy the monkey¬† logo for the team which could be featured on their t-shirts or caps, so that even if the real Timmy wasn’t there, his amazing simian reach and agility would be with them in spirit. He came out as a Ninja Monkey, which is great for him but I think the volleyball coach would have a small heart attack if any of the team tried ninja moves.

Featured above: The initial sketch – done while waiting at a volleyball tournament and the subsequent vector artwork.

Monkey Monday
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