three little pigs as a business proverb
initial sketch of the three little pigs

Whenever I hear the story of the Three Little Pigs, I find myself despising the stupid little porkers and hoping that the Wolf gets his big bacon breakfast. I am a huge predator supporter.  They keep prey numbers in check and keep them healthy by picking off the weak and sick. They stop prey from taking over a particular habitat and pushing out other species, thereby promoting biological diversity.  Wherever you find introduced species with no natural predator, you find indigenous species declining in numbers because the competition is multiplying without being checked by predation.

pig cartwoon with colour
The final version of the cartoon coloured on Photoshop

In this commissioned cartoon of the piggy vs wolf story, the wolf represents big business and the pigs, independent small businesses. The concept being that only by grouping and working together, will the businesses present a strong enough front to stand up to the big guys. So the gist behind the original story stands. The difference is that the group business doesn’t necessarily want to boil the wolf alive, but negotiate better deals and services.  For a better idea of how successful the more-than-three little pigs are,  go to the group website: Dynamic Vision

I am conflicted.

In business, I support the pigs. In nature, I am totally for the wolves.

The original story is not only about bad building practices and good lung capacity, it has an underlying message of standing together and building strong foundations. However, I wish the Eugene Trivizas version “The Three little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig” was the one stuck in the minds of millions. Wolves are community spirited, mate for life and are incredible communicators. Pigs are far better poster boys for gluttonous global giants.

I would have had a lot of fun illustrating a blustering pig and vulnerable wolves… and it would have been closer to the truth.





Wolf or Pig?
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