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The Wicked Witches had a tough tournament, but it’s only a bad spell

One of my daughters coached a grade 1&2 netball teams as part of a school holiday programme at school. It’s the funniest thing to see an extraordinarily tall teen surrounded by these tiny girls, it looks like a giraffe being attacked by a whole tribe of pygmies. The theme of the week was ‘fairy tales’ and her team decided that they were not going to be princesses, but rather wanted to be known as “the Wicked Witches”. Lots of scope for cackling here!

I was amused to hear that one of the team suggested “The Creepy Customers”. Which is rather fun, but I am not sure what that has to do with the fairy tales we know. Perhaps they feature in one of the more obscure Grimm Brothers’ Tales.

The team had a fabulous week, but sadly did not win one of their games in the tournament played at the end of the week, although they did score one goal, of which they were inordinately proud. The aim of the week was not necessarily to build a winning team, but to teach some ball skills and teamwork, which was very much achieved.

This little illustration popped into my head and I had fun letting it have its way with me.

The Wicked Witches – actually quite adorable
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