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Changing the whole look and feel of a wine label is akin to re-branding a company. In the case of the Painted Wolf Wines’ most popular range, it was a result of feedback from distributors around the world who felt that the old labels were just not friendly enough. And I would have to agree. The artwork used for the first incarnation of the range, although well executed, did give the viewer a feeling that they were being sized up as a potential tasty snack.

Going through all the artwork Painted Wolf had collected, we eventually decided on this wonderful loose ink scribble by artist, Jenny Metelerkamp. It evokes a sense of full tummies, hot sun and calm alertness.

But we didn’t want the punters to see the label and feel too laid back, so some energetic squiggles and slabs of colour were added. Now we have a sense of community, sharing and fun. Jeremy Borg, the top dog at Painted Wolf decided to add in a UV varnish to the dogs so they got a shine and a subtly raised aspect which contrasts nicely with the flatness of the rest of the label.

new label design


Gareth Park of the Wine Society had this to say: “I’ve seen from our stocks that The Den now has a new label which looks really good, stands out quite nicely on our shelves in our showroom.” It’s always nice to have feedback from people at the sales end of the business, because after all my opinion is completely biased!


Barking up the right tree
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2 thoughts on “Barking up the right tree

  • July 24, 2012 at 9:19 am

    Pleased to see all that loitering in the wine aisles in supermarkets has paid off. I was beginning to feel a bit shifty. 😀

    • July 24, 2012 at 9:25 am

      I do the same thing. Play the “which label stands out the best” game or “spot the Painted Wolf Wine” game… I’m sure a lot of people think I am just very indecisive. The other impulse I often have is to barge up to people who are looking at wines and push them to buy Painted Wolf. Which would probably have me thrown out the store, because it’s invariably at the end of a long day and I look like a dishevelled lunatic.

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