It has been an interesting 24 hours…

School started for the final semester of the year, and with it, a borderline insane level of activity. Day Two brought the news that the Grade 11 group would be starting to take over from the Grade 12 group as they have final exams looming. First on the list was organising and running their respective teams in the Inter-House Athletics meet the next day.

Like Hogwarts, HeronBridge has four Houses (with bird names) into which the students are sorted when they join the school – not by magical sorting hat, but by in a semi-random way depending on who needs members. Although, like Hogwarts, each team seems to be known for certain talents. Turaco (green) seems to be heavy on the drama students, all Weavers (yellow) seem to be aquatic beasties, Starling (blue) are more balanced without a leaning in one direction and Barbet (red) are pretty good at athletics.

The Barbet Grade 11 group decided on a theme for their endeavours – Revolution RED. When I was told this by my daughter the concept that sprang to mind was not Revolution but REDvolution… Probably because I had admired the cleverness of the original (RED) campaign that the Gap launched years ago to help fight AIDS in Africa. Although they have somewhat tarnished their halos since.

Back to Barbet – they were all going to get together and paint red symbols on white t-shirts in very little time at the beginning of school. This was a design and paint disaster waiting to happen so I offered to do the REDvolution design as a stencil. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that old x-rays make excellent stencil material – so that’s exactly what we did – cut up a picture of some healthy lungs to make the stencil. (Picture above, sitting on a t-shirt RED-y for some paint.)

Met up with the t-shirt purchaser very early the next morning and started a mini t-shirt decorating factory in the back of my car. Essential ingredient was the hairdryer (see our drying station above) :  t-shirts stencilled, dried and donned in 90 minutes!

Oh yeah – Barbet won the Athletics AND the spirit award – just goes to show – REDvolutionary campaigns feed the REDvolutionary spirit.

RED-volutionary tendencies
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2 thoughts on “RED-volutionary tendencies

  • September 15, 2012 at 7:11 pm

    How sad – now xrays arrive on dvd disk so bang goes stencil material…

    • September 17, 2012 at 7:42 am

      Not TOO sad! There is actualy stencil material available and one could always use overhead preojector film or acetate presentation covers…All is not lost : ) I just used x-rays because that was all I had to hand at the time. Creative problem solving on the fly.

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