One of my optometrist clients requested a poster to advertise three different types of lenses: Single vision  – one prescription covering the whole lens; bifocals – you know the type of specs associated with grannies and grand pas; and multifocals – the kind you might need in the office – offering a range of focal areas so you can read, work on the computer and give colleagues the beady eye all without changing eyewear.

This concept popped into my head….I think because I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Monsters Inc by Pixar. The story is very entertaining and as with all of their movies, there are little moments of brilliant comedy that you sometimes only pick up after multiple viewings. One of my favourite little “jokes” only happens right at the end of the movie. In the credits sections where Mike and Sully are performing “Put that thing back where it came from or so help me….” on stage, there is an audience shot and Mike Wazowski’s mother is sitting in the front row, wearing a really massive spectacle. So when you say “single vision”, guess who pops into my head?

 The client greeted my moment of flippancy with some initial reservations, but as he is an adventurous marketer with a well developed sense of humour, he said okay. Turns out, sometimes an alien concept works well. It stands out from all the posters of  fabulous people wearing designer eye gear, and gets the point across, however bizarrely.

Yay for alien concepts!

Alien concept
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