Tangala logo final

“We have a strong appeal to a market which appreciates getting back down to earth and experiencing the bush as the bush, with all its sights, sounds and smells, rather than experiencing it as a distanced tourist with the strongest scent being bath salts.”

“We want the lodge to feel like an Afrikaans great grandfather’s game farm house.  The décor won’t be ‘in your face’, but the lounge furniture will feel ‘sat on’, the books ‘thumbed through’, riempie benches, paraffin lamps and the food?  Straight out of Ouma’s kitchen.”

 This was part of a very detailed brief I received from one of the new owners of Tangala, a bush camp in the renown Thornybush Reserve, bordering on Kruger National Park.

Tangala means Place of the Lion, and my client had an extensive collection of lion photos she had personally taken around the camp. The two photos she was particularly fond of, were the ones with bared teeth and attitude.

There followed a time where I drew lions from the photo provided going from teeth to families, to chilled observers  and they were rejected…. but we were getting closer.


I had to loosen up (one of the things I struggle to do) and simplify in order to make the beasties look less like they jumped straight out of a clip art file. Come to think of it, I can probably flog a couple of them in vector format!

The final tweaked version was placed in a two colour logo and has been used ever since.

To see the actual bushcamp photos, go to their website: http://www.tangalathornybush.co.za/

No Lion – this was tough
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