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A while back I wrote about spazzing out in my quest to get the perfect “spontaneous” ink marks to represent wild dog and cyclists for Pedals 4 paws. In the post Going to the dogs I wrote: “I think cycling through some of Southern Africa’s most beautiful wild places is a series of stories waiting to happen. Stories which begin with a group of cyclists on the horizon, nature watching them approach, with some interesting interaction a distinct possibility.”

Little did I know the stories would include some fabulous renditions of the pedals for paws logo. And then it struck me that perhaps it was not ever meant to be a logo, but was always meant to be a picture from a story.

The Pedals for Paws crew took off on an cycling adventure that took them through the Savé Conservancy in South Eastern Zimbabwe. They teamed up with a pack of dedicated dog-lovers and collected school supplies to donate to local schools. Education is a key area conservationists are looking at as our last remaining wild places are getting less wild as human settlements encroach and more wildlife/human clashes happen. The biggest threat to the incredibly fragile wild dog population is snaring, and in Zimbabwe the African Wildlife Conservation Fund is doing their utmost to educate against snares and for conservation.

wild dog composite

The children in local primary schools created artworks which were displayed around the schools and also turned into banners for the festivities. Some schools included dances and the Pedals 4 paws team was welcomed and celebrated at every stop. I love how the logo has been recreated and interpreted by these talented and enthusiastic young people. This is definitely the start of many different stories which will hopefully have happy middles and endings for all human and canine protagonists.


Paws for thought and celebration
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