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Timing is always important when it comes to wedding invitations. Although this client is getting married later on in the year, she had an opportunity to post her overseas invitations during a trip to see family and needed the design and printing done within a very tight deadline. Engraving seemed the best solutions as the print run was too small to make litho or letterpress feasible and digital printing would be just as expensive and out of my hands as I would have to farm it out to a print company. The bride-to-be wanted a coral and champagne colour scheme and that is exactly what we managed to get in a slightly metallic card called Stardream. Making the invitation size DL (210 x 99 mm) meant we could easily get matching envelopes and there was no wastage as we used the off cut from one card as the inner card on the next. Because we were working with two colours, we could then have two different types of invitation, coral on a champagne background and champagne on a coral background. The added advantage to lazer engraving is the ability to do custom paper cuts. The swirly plant cut outs were inspired by the garden reception and also by the bride, who is a very talented landscape designer.

engraved invitation bThe Heart cut out on the front of the card, nicely frames the “&” between their two names which is exactly what a wedding should be about…AND.

Engraved on my heart
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