holly surplice guinea pig 2

In our family, guinea pigs are known as Pinny gigs, because we all love spoonerisms and we think it suits them. Even if you are not a rodent fan, you will LOVE the pinny-gigs drawn by Holly Surplice. They dance, play musical instruments, have parties and get carried away by balloons. Oh yeah, and get excited about mistletoe.

holly surplice collection


Her dogs and other animals are also brilliant. Above is a small selection she auctioned off on facebook recently. Don’t you just love the fat hen and the exhausted pig?

If you have small people then any of her picture books will delight – here is her page on Amazon
Not the High Street has a couple of her prints – click here and search her name

For other links and entertainment explore her blog – here

Advent Challenge 9 – Holly Surplice
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