Today we travel Perth, Australia. There are quite a few fabulous designers and artists based in Perth. I found out about them by following Perth Upmarket on Facebook.  How did I find Perth Upmarket? Haven’t a clue!

Mokoh Design is one of my favorites. They have a distinctive graphic style and produce delightful items that are proudly Australian. They are closing on the 18th of December, so if you want to buy any of their stuff, make sure you order today!

future shelter
Future shelter does some amazing homewear items like these absolutely gorgeous hand made serving boards with lazer engraved designs.

On the art front, look up my old art college buddy Mark Raats, particularly if you have a George Lucas films fan on your Christmas list. Mark, even in art college was a huge fan of the Star Wars movies. He even made a to-scale copy of the Millenium Falcon out of cardboard and bits of plastic, his attention to detail being absolutely superb. Mark has proofs of this official artwork for sale.



Advent Challenge 14 – Down under
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