hendriks puffin

If you like loose and beautiful watercolours then Gerard Hendriks is your man.

His style is wonderful –  it is almost as if the paint has been flung at the canvas in sheer joy and formed itself! What I particularly love about these works is the fact the Gerard is clearly a very accomplished draughtsman.  His knowledge of animal anatomy is spot on. He could easily have painted incredibly detailed and perfect paintings, but he doesn’t. He get his structure down and then lets the paint evoke movement, light, and the very essence of his subject matter.

hendriks robins

hendriks still life

Go to his website to see more.

For a weekly dose of Gerard and if you like, an artistic challenge – like the facebook page called “Paint Colourful birds For Fun”. They nominate a different bird every week and if you paint one they will post it. Gerard is a regular contributor.

Gerard has originals and prints for sale here.

Advent Challenge 16 – Gerard Hendriks
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