Send the dogbox instead!

My favourite wine people are offering this creative alternative to getting a puppy for Christmas… dog boxes.

They consist of 10 selected bottles of wine and a large Endangered Wildlife Trust Wild Dog fluffy toy. The dog box has been around for a while and is possibly their biggest seller at wines shows as it give the casual customer a chance to savour all the flavours at home.

This year they have come up with two smaller versions of the 10 bottle dog box:

mini dog box A

Pictured above is the Premium pack featuring 5 of the premium “black pack” wines and a small Endangered Wildlife Trust Wild Dog fluffy toy.

mini dog box B

Here is the mini den with a selection of 5 of the standard ranges with that cute fluffy appearing once again. Please note, the wines pictured may not be the exact wines you get in the dog box, vintages get sold out and new wines become available, that’s the nature of the business. If in doubt, ask when you order.

If you think you might be sent to the dog box for buying a bunch of wines with funky labels and a fluffy dog companion, think again. Painted Wolf Wines have been winning awards and accolades both locally and overseas. In addition you get major conservation brownie points as a Painted Wolf Wines make a donation towards wild dog conservation with every bottle sold.

If you are in South Africa:

  • Contact Amanda at Painted Wolf wines to order a dog box

Elsewhere and in South Africa:

  • Painted Wolf Wines are available in many countries check out the list here
  • Donate to the Endangered Wildlife Trust if you are giving gifts to charity instead of items to people.
  • Visit the EWT’s online shop and support them. click here
  • Visit their store in the V&A Waterfront in Cape Town

Next year and beyond

  • Become a fan of Painted Wolf Wines
  • Go on a cycling adventure with the Painted Wolf Wines crew and they take bicycle meanders through Wild dog territory and raise money for and awareness of wild dog conservation. For more information go to


Advent Challenge 17 – Don’t get sent to the dog box
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