louise collis

Welcome to the wild paint world of Louise Collis. Louise lives and works in Wales where she paints plein air landscapes in oils. I love how the paint is evident, and yet miraculously becomes sea or cliff or beach. Giveaway alert! Louise’s annual Christmas/new year competition is happening today! She picks a map co-ordinate in the UK and actually hides a painting there! Coordinates are posted on Facebook. Oil painting treasure hunt! If you are in the UK and international giveaway if you share the coordinates… Swing on by her Facebook page (Louise Collis – Artist) and join in

louise collis stormy summer days on exmoor

louise collis morte point

I particularly like how the grasses in the front of these two are painted and scratched into the surface of the paint.


  • Quite a few galleries around the UK display her work. Check them out here
  • Or else there area variety of paintings, greeting cards and prints for sale through her etsy shop.


Advent Challenge 22 – Louise Collis
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