hELEN AND cHRIS ORDER OF SERVICE backMy nephew got married on the 19th of December, mainly because it was the best time for family from all over the world to converge on the Cambridge area.

He and his then fiancee, decided they were going to do as much of the wedding preparations, decorations and organisation themselves as the costs needed to be kept reasonable. Of course, getting hold of “Auntie-dearest” to design the wedding stationery was a given. After much though we decided it would be lovely to use the Twelve Days of Christmas (I’m sorry, it’s going around your head now, isn’t it?) as the basis of the design, as it gave us twelve convenient symbols to use for the tables at the reception. I designed each day’s representative gift as a repeat pattern that could fit into a circle, The twelve circles were then printed on the back of the order of service and used during the service when the song was sung. Each day was then separated out and one version of each was printed on card to use as table labels, with the main table being designated as “five gold rings”. The colour scheme of the wedding was a dark green, dark red and gold/cream.

All artwork was set up so that it could be printed on a home printer. The bride and groom bought some gorgeous cream stock in different weights for everything from the invitations, and information cards to the Order of service, seating plan and Menus.

These two young people are incredibly adventurous. They travel a lot and are prepared to take on anything new. For instance, they got engaged under the stars in the middle of a nomad camp in the Jordanian desert. With this in mind, I thought that it would be fun to play around with the typography, just to make the invitation a little less conventional and boring.

h & c composite

The attention to detail and simple style of this wedding was amazing. The bride wore a dress made by the incredibly talented Rosalind Evans. The beadwork on the dress was perfect: hundreds of sparkling snowflakes. The bridesmaids wore dresses of dark green, while the groom, best man and ushers were decked out in dark red cravats, and cream ribbon rose and holly buttonholes. Tiny little details: the one red buttonhole on the groom’s cuff; snowflake shaped hair ornaments for the bridesmaids… every little thing was incredibly well thought out.

h & c composite 2

Here’s to a great life together, and thanks for asking me to design for you. I enjoyed it and your wedding more than I can tell!

p.s. Alex Beckett was the photographer at the wedding and did a beautiful job

Designs for a Christmas wedding
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