In around 2009, Fiona Ingram turned up at the offices I worked in, looking for a website with very specific parameters. While in conversation with the owner, she mentioned that she was looking for an illustrator. Knowing that I had studied fine art, he recommended me. I was summoned, asked and accepted before I could really think about what I was doing.

In addition to Fiona’s books, I have also illustrated a children’s book for the South African Club foot charity, Steps. It explores all the possible shoes a child could wear if the treatment is a success. In order for the treatment to be a success, the child has to wear its “night-night shoes” every time they sleep. The night night shoes are the boots and bars that keep straightened feet straight and train them into their new shape as normal feet. This book is being translated into several languages.

Commercial illustration follows some of my graphic design work. when clients need characters developed of illustrative logos designed, then I take to my pencils. Sometimes the illustrations are created in ink, scanned in and then coloured in a computer programme, sometimes they are conceived in pencil and then created in vector format.


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